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About Kingfish


What is the Kingfish Way?

by Rob Wood

For a good part of my adult life I mentored young people, mostly under the age of twenty-five. “Set goals, get a plan, love what you do…” was my standard message. Some of it took, some of it didn’t.

The idea behind The Kingfish Way came to me as I saw people much older, people in  the second half of life, struggle each day with their careers, their families, and their lives. Life had become difficult, tiresome, and not much fun. These people had good jobs, nice families, and plenty of money, but they were miserable. I watched jovial, interesting people turn into angry, venomous shells of their former selves. What was going on?

So I read just about everything I could get my hands on regarding how we behave, and why we do such things. Book after book, I found a common denominator for overcoming such behavior. It went by many names, but the message was the same: Be in harmony with your desires. As we age, we change and with that, our desires change. If we don't tend to those changes, we will soon find a life full of monotony.

It is now my belief that as we move into the 3rd quarter of the game of life, something inside of us evolves ever so slightly. We move from a egotistic-driven life to more of a individual purpose one. For the first time in our lives we start thinking about our own mortality which causes us to question the value of our daily activities. I believe the path to a fulfilling third and fourth quarter can be found by doing some self-study of knowing yourself today and allowing yourself the freedom to pursue an authentic purpose. A purpose in sync with your true desires. I call this living in your sweet spot.

So, with all this in mind, I decided to write a book about a man who had lost his harmony (lost his way) and what he did to get it back.  It is a simple, somewhat humorous read, with a serious message. Whether you're already in your "sweet spot" or you feel the need to change your life, this little book has a big message for almost anyone who could use a little boost to "find their way."


Who is Rob Wood?

Rob “Kingfish” Wood is a storyteller, mentor, and cheerleader. He has a deliberate view of how we should travel on this life-long journey, and rarely allows other people to pee in his cornflakes. He has a double dose of ADD, but considers it an asset since he gets to start a lot of things, which other people get to finish.

Rob's career has taken him into accounting, human resources, manufacturing, the stock market, consulting, and public speaking. He enjoys hanging out at the beach, having a cigar around the bonfire, and golf with his buddies.  He and Tonia split their time between Georgia and Florida, comfortably calling each place "home."

Rob draws cartoons with a message, paints with acrylics, and is learning to play the guitar.  He has been called a Comedian, Inspirer, Narcissist, Evil Mastermind Financial Genius, and Dirty Boy.  Read his book and his blogs, and then decide for yourself which one fits .  (Or is it all of them?)

He has recently finished his first book called “The Kingfish Way.” This was not easy. It involved several trips to Florida, several gallons of vodka, about thirty cigars, several bottles of ritalin, and hundreds of hours of listening to rock & roll.

He plans to spread some information with his personal flair for drama, provided he does not have to work too hard. He will do this via blogs, drawings, videos, paintings, newsletters, T-shirts, public speaking, and books. His style is Fast, Fun, and Edgy, so if you like long, dull, straitlaced messages, then you will not enjoy Rob.

Can he make money doing this? Who knows, but he’ll keep doing it until Title Pawn takes away his laptop.


Who is Tonia Shatzel?

Tonia Shatzel, DVM, spent ten years practicing veterinary medicine in a suburb north of Atlanta. Tired of being scratched and peed on, she sold her practice in 2006, focusing mainly on being a mom. (Where, much to her dismay, she was scratched and peed on.)

Her role in The Kingfish Way is to keep Rob focused (you try it!), tech support (ALL Mac ALL the time!) and editing Rob’s books (you’d be amazed at what spell-check misses!).  Inspired by Rob's book, she purchased a new camera and set off in a new direction pursuing an old love.  Her passion for photography is only matched by her passion for animals, and in December 2009, she started a new project, a black and white photography book about the dogs along the Destin coastline: