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If You Could, Would You?

Over the weekend, I listened to several “If Only” conversations.   I waded into one of these “bitch sessions” with an oversized soapbox.   The reality of our perceived success depends on the jubilation level of our feistiness. If we want triumphs over all of our desires, then we need OUR Mojo, the spirit of OUR soul.  We need to be on a journey with a destination of OUR choosing.

When people stack up their excuses for the world to see, they are asking for an exoneration, a pardon for their inability to be who they say they can be, so they can feel better about themselves. The tragic part is that we play their game; we forgive them and allow them to live that tedious, dismal, colorless life.  “Furthermore”, I screamed at the group, “most would not pursue their path, even if we tore down that wall of excuses, and that is just sad!”  Finishing with emotion in my voice.

Once they realized I was done, they smiled and asked if I was ready for another beer, and returned to building that wall.

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