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I'm Back


I know you're lying.

Most researchers tell us the average person consciously tells four to five lies per day.

Why do we tell 1500 fibs a year? The biggest reason is to fit in.  We think by sharing our true feelings the power players will take away our seat at the popular table.

Every time we fake it, we put on another pair of handcuffs, we create stress in our lives, and we apply another layer of paint on our authenticity.   

I wonder what would happen if every word, that came out of your mouth (that's right, we are talking about you now), was pristine?


The most common lie is that which one lies to himself; lying to others is relatively an exception.  ~ Friedrich Nietzsche







Dear University Top Brass



Dear University Top Brass,

As you prepare our students for their upcoming lives, please consider looking forward and not backwards. The old methods of training don’t cut it anymore. The course outlines are outdated.  The style of delivering the information is outdated.  The textbooks are outdated. (Why do you even have textbooks?)

Using the old road map will send our kids into an economic jungle where survival is unlikely.  Your  antiquated standard indoctrination is not only incompetent on your part, it borders unethical. 

Just like you are still doing today, you taught me to follow the rules, that failing was unacceptable, to never question authority, to always look good on paper, to pass my tests, to follow the crowd, to always fit in, to join the right clubs, to wear white button-down collared starched shirts, to sit down and shut up, to make my boss look good, to never embarrass my family, to use words like appertaining to impress people and that work is not supposed to be fun.  You taught me so well, it never even occurred to me to question your message.  I was just another Zombie. 

Here’s a thought:  Let’s teach our kids to embrace failure, to love the journey, and to think big.  Teach them to be creative, to color outside the lines, and to break stupid rules.  Teach them to question the status quo, to be critical thinkers, and to be heretics. Now THAT’S an education!

Teach them that living a lie to pay the credit card bills, the mortgage, and the car payment is not why we are here. Yes, teach them to never give up in their quest to show the world their wonderful magic in their own special way.  

If you teach them these skills, instead of cramming their heads with mindless facts and brainwashing them to believe that they should never think for themselves, then maybe, just maybe, thirty years from now your graduates will not be struggling to live in a world they don’t understand because it will be a world they created.


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