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The 2nd Half 


The average American lives around 78 years, but the speed they travel on their trip is relative to how many wrinkles they have: it takes about 50 years to reach your 39th birthday, but then, in only a few more years and you’re at that big waterfall at the end of your canoe trip….  

The smart people tell us that this apparent time warp has a lot to do with our relative age.  One year divided by 20 is 5% of your life, whereas 1 year divided by 50 is only 2%.  I think they are saying since 2% is smaller than 5%, it should move faster.   

I don’t believe that at all.  I think somewhere around our 39th birthday we slide into a parallel universe where time is just faster.  When I was a kid, it took 3 years for Christmas to arrive each year, but now by the time you get those Christmas lights off Aunt Minnie’s chimney, she calling for help with the blow-up Halloween Dracula she wants to display in her front yard.  April 15th is only 25 days after January 1st and the little girl down the street selling me Girl Scout cookies a few months ago is now at the club pool with a pair of puppies that would make Hugh Hefner proud.

I suggest you print out this drawing and plot your location on the bell curve of life.  Then get your bucket list out and draw a line where you plan to accomplish each item.  To the people on the right side of 39, please don’t forget the time in our universe is fast, damn fast.