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This is my life.  Call it ADD, ADHD, IUD, M-O-U-S-E, I don’t care, my head is a wild and crazy place to be at times.  I’ve lost my keys from the door to the car.  I've worked on presentations all night, driven several hours the next morning and then realized I left them at home.   I’ve left my car running, water running, the oven on, and the refrigerator door open for hours and hours.   

In the business world, I've been screamed at hundreds of times for playing with my iPhone in meetings. You had better be exciting and fast if you want me to pay attention!  I'm not interested in how a watch is made, I just want the time. 

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in business.  Some of it due to my lack of attention to details, some of it due to my stupidly.  It took me a few years, but I did figure this much out:  Very few of us have all the talents needed to be a successful entrepreneur alone.  

I’ve taken what I do well and broke it out from the bigger puzzle. I’ve looked at other entrepreneurs and saw that most act like a relay team.

So, figure out what role you play and hand that baton off to the Michael Johnsons of the business world for the other stuff.

(Which reminds me, I was going to run this afternoon, but I need to get my book done, Wait, I need call the publisher, cool my new surf magazine arrived, I can't wait to hit water, Crap I need to call the water people about our bill...............)