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The turkey is in the fridge, the Dickens Village is set-up, all the gifts are wrapped and you’ve walked fourteen miles through five different malls trying to find the last “Kiss me Bobo” doll.  You still need a couple of gifts and you’ll finally be done.  You are tired, and you wish Christmas were over. 

Is Christmas the reason we don’t enjoy Christmas?

Every day a holiday, especially this one.





During the 1984 Super Bowl, Apple introduced the Macintosh personal computer.  It was a symbolic vision of a totalitarian form of government and gave the impressions of no personal liberties or freedoms.  Of course, the implication was our dependence on mainframe computers and the controller of those computers behind the closed doors.

Cultural norms take away our personal freedoms. Who we are gets lost through years of adjusting to fit the success model of our teachers.  We behave, we listen, we believe, and soon metamorphism occurs. Later in life, our success is so dependant on living a lie, fear keeps us in check.

When they say no you can't go to New York to become a dancer, when they say no you can't quit your job to start a computer company, when they laugh at your idea to start a non-profit in Africa, when they make fun of your dream to write a book, then the time has come for your personal revolution.

Express yourself and throw the hammer into the screen.