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Ellis Parker Butler wrote a short story in 1919 called Goat-Feathers. He presented this story as the reason he wouldn’t be famous like Ernest Poole, Mark Twain or Sir Walter Scott.

“Goat-feathers, you understand, are the feathers a man picks and sticks all over his hide to make himself look like the village goat. It often takes six days, three hours and eighteen minutes to gather one goat-feather, and when a man has it and takes it home it is about as useful and valuable to him as a stone-bruise on the back of his neck. I have recently spent several days over a month gathering one goat-feather, and as a reward I was grabbed and chased after another that ate up two weeks and three days of my time. Goat-feathers are the distractions, sidelines and deflections that take a man's attention from his own business and keep him from getting ahead.”

Facebook, E-mails, Internet Surfing, Cable News, People that take 30 minutes to tell a 5-minute story………….

Friggin’ Goat-Feathers