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Memorial Day


I did this one last year and received a boatload of comments. So, I thought I would do it again. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

This weekend millions of Americans will gather in back yards, living rooms, town centers and cemeteries for a holiday.   A holiday designed to commemorate the men and women killed while serving their country. Some of us make a big deal of this, some don’t.  

When I see the tattoo-loving, tree-hugging, dirt-worshippers screaming at the drill-baby-drill, religious extremist-nut-jobs, I smile.

When I see the racist, greedy, tobacco-chewers screaming at the cross-dressing abortion lovers, I smile.

When I see the take-away-your-gun, tax-and-spend yellow-bellied-hybrid crowd screaming at the four-wheel-drive, shoot-em-all-and-let-God-sort-em-out group, I smile.  

I smile because I'm reminded of the freedom. There are many reasons you will get do as you please this weekend, and they are buried with American Flags.


Freedom to live


Although "Braveheart" contained many historical inaccuracies, it was a damn good movie. William Wallace fought for freedom, for justice, for independence. He made a choice that living in the shadow of another man’s rule was not living at all.

As a young man, I often behaved to please the crowd, to impress the leadership.  I was one you could count on to stay between the lines, and to do that I had to hold my tongue.  As the years wore on, I found out that living under someone else's thumb was a cheap life. Why? Because it was not real, it was fake.  Just like some knock-off Rolex watch sold in the dark alleys of New York City.

What is the freedom to be ourselves?  Many people are so blinded by the burden of paying their monthly bills, they don't have time to explore the life they live.

Some of us will have an awakening that propels us toward an authentic future.  One of those "I've had enough" reality-checks where you free yourself to live, to be yourself, no longer concerned with what the world will say. You get to be real and the cheapness goes away overnight. 

Some have this realization early in their lives, some have it late, and as William Wallace said, some never have it.


Kingfish Fans 


My vision is millions of fans focused on the alignment of their desires and activities. Do your thing, Do it now, Time is short, Talk is cheap.