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Now what? 

In Bill Bartmann’s book, Billionaire, he says telling others about your big goal or as he suggests, your promise, is smart.  People will force you to get specific about what you are going do and how.  They will ask questions, which will make you squirm, twitch, and look at the ground if you are not really serious.

I think Bill is right, if you don’t declare to the world your big plans, then you really don’t have any and most likely it was nothing but an egoistic moment or too many vodka tonics.

Are you serious about your promise?  If so, put yourself out there and let the fun begin.



A Little Nudge


We fail. 


I remember a meeting held with my partners long ago regarding a new project.  We were just an average, middle-of-the-road company in our industry.  We were about to invest all of our reserves and max out our line of credit on a new idea; one that would put us on the map, or bury us in debt and shame.  The partners went over the logistics of the idea for several hours.  Finally, as we were about to take a vote, I asked a simple question regarding the outcome if it didn’t work as planned.  The president of the firm just looked at me across the table and said “We fail.” 

A stillness fell across the room as the thought of failure sank into our guts.   Our leader stood up, looking at each of us as we sat quietly, and said, “The most successful people I know are failures.  We already know how to be average.  Now let’s go be great.”