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Your Happiness Star

If my husband would just put his dirty laundry in the basket instead of on the floor…

If my wife would lose some weight… 

If my son was motivated to go to college…

If my daughter enjoyed camping like I do…

If my mother would stop putting so much pressure on me to get married…

If my neighbor would clean up his yard...

Then I could be happy.

(Putting someone else in charge of your happiness is like putting someone else in charge of your breathing.)


Unconditional Love

He sits down in his recliner after a long, hard day and gives a big sigh as he reaches for the remote.

She gives a big huff, tosses her book to the side, and stomps out of the room.

He watches her leave, shrugs, and then starts to channel surf.


Don’t be mad at him, he just needs a little down time to recharge.  And please, please, please don’t pity her: it’s her choice to depend on him for her happiness.  And don’t kid yourself, it’s not just women who play this game, nor is it just couples.  Parents do it to children, and kids turn right around and do it back to their parents.  Bosses do it, drinking buddies do it, best friends do it, lowlifes do it, and sophisticated people do it.  It’s as commonplace for the human race as breathing.

When a person chooses to put someone else in charge of their happiness, they’ve set themselves up for a great big fall.  You’ve heard it said many times:  Happiness (insert: joy, peace, fulfillment, etc.) comes from within.  But do you really put it into practice?  If you find yourself feeling sad, angry, mad, frustrated, lonely or vindictive toward someone, then you’ve missed the whole point.

A relationship that puts other people in charge of your happiness is built on something, but it ain’t love. 


The Weather 


I've got a friend that bitches about the weather every day.  Summer, Winter, it doesn't matter.  It's too hot, freezing my ass off, wish it would rain, too windy, guess I better start building an ark are examples of his comments.  I've got another friend that quotes Ranulph Fiennes: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing."

Guess which person I enjoy hanging out with?