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Gut Listening 101


Many years ago, after a night of eating Mexican food, I was awakened by a strong desire to run for political office.  I couldn’t shake the feeling, and it was all I could think about the next day.   Was this my destiny?  Was I The One to lead our community, maybe our state?  Was my sixth sense talking to me?  

I made several phone calls, scheduled meetings, and spent weeks researching and formulating my plan, and then it hit me:  this was just a big ego trip.  I’d rather eat a  fuzzy worm than be bombarded by crazy groups like The Society for the Protection of Intelligent Taters (SPIT).

People have been talking about the “sixth sense” for years.  One of my favorite books, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (© 1937), dedicates an entire chapter to the subject.  Many inspirational business leaders today continue to praise the ability to tap into this knowledge.  I must admit, however, my bouncing-off-the-wall-mentality didn’t allow for much connecting to things I couldn’t see.  After a lot of practice, I now believe we have a sixth sense, but the process of using it can be boring, complex, and something of a paradigm shift for this country boy.

Although many of the web sites on intuition look a little weird, I’m not preaching some new-agey affair that requires sitting in the desert after drinking cactus juice and smoking spider legs. I'm just interested in understanding what our bodies are telling us because based on what I see going on, many of us could use a little help in the decision-making department.  So park your ego at the door, and explore this subject.

Here’s one link to a PDF file, that provides information about getting in touch with your gut. (Must have Adobe Reader to open it) Check it out,  play with it.  Remember, it’s only kinky the first time.


So, before you go running off to Alaska to sell ice-cubes, you need to make sure that feeling in your gut is your intuition and not a bad taco.