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I'm Getting Uncomfortable


Why is something so sweet and gentle sounding as “Yoga”, taught by a polite young lady to a class of twenty women and myself, so difficult for me?

I fall on my side, knocking over the person next to me, but I keep doing it. The instructor comes to me, kindly stifling a giggle, and says, “See if you can straighten your leg."  "PFFT!" I say, but I keep doing it.  My thighs scream obscenities at me, but I keep doing it. My arms are shaking for reasons unknown, but I keep doing it.

And here’s why: 


If I’m comfortable, then I’m not learning. If I'm not struggling with my new computer software, if I’m not trying to figure out how to upload a video to Facebook from my smartphone, if I’m not scratching my head at the confusing philosophy of some new author…then I’m not learning.  And if I’m not learning, then I might as well be dead, because at the rate of change today, not learning leads straight to dependency.  It's the mental equivalent to checking yourself into a nursing home, and I'm not ready to let go of the reins just yet, thank you.

So, I may be 55 and practicing some of the ugliest Yoga in the room, but at least I'm learning something, and not just sitting (comfortably) on the couch watching TV.  (And dying slowly, one sitcom at a time.)



Do you hoot? 


Do you Hoot?  I’m not there yet, but there’s some hooting in my future.

Hanging your sign out and telling the world you have something to offer involves words not invented a few years ago.  Learning those words means reading long articles written in number eight font, books with no pictures, and understanding geek humor.  It’s the price you pay for a ticket into the marketplace today.  

Although I know more today than yesterday about this topic, it’s clear this evolution is just getting started, and trying to keep up just doesn’t make sense for me.

So, just like I do with my accountant, my lawyer, and my dentist, I will pay for help.  And if you don’t understand geek humor, I suggest you do the same.

Hoot Time Baby!




Damn Lines 


Note to the person running our educational system: The friggin' world has changed, Numbnut! You can't expect our kids to spend twelve years under totalitarian rule and come out of the gate with any original thoughts.

Here's what we teach our kids:  follow the rules, don't take risks, failure is bad, and don't upset the apple-cart.

Do I need to repeat it?  The world has changed!  We need people who can function without rules, take risks daily, who understand failure is the only route to astronomical success, and aren't afraid to turn over the apple-cart now and then.

Color outside the lines, it only feels kinky the first time.