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Is it possible? 

Excerpt from The Kingfish Way:

The boy returned, now covered in sand, and asked Kingfish to help him dig a trench at the edge of the water. “I want to build a fort,” he explained.

“A fort? I don’t know…why don’t you wait until tomorrow?”

“Why?” The boy cocked his head to one side.

“Well, uh, it’s getting dark…” stumbled Kingfish, gesturing toward the setting sun.

“I don’t care! We still have today, so why should I wait until tomorrow to have fun?” asked the boy.

Kingfish stared at the child, overwhelmed by the wisdom of one so young. “You’re right!” said Kingfish suddenly, “Let’s go dig that trench!”


If only we adults had the unspoiled mind of a child to live now, and not put off having fun until tomorrow.

Is it possible?