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The Music You Love 

The music is good, the mood is perfect, and the room is alive.  Then the band decides to play a Tony Orlando and Dawn song and the floor clears out like ants headed to a picnic.

The next song is the same, then again another boring song.  Soon you realize the music will not change.  Tony is not going away, so you ease back on the floor.  Your dancing is weak, but you force yourself to enjoy it in an attempt to get your mojo back.  It is dull, lifeless, and requires little effort.   As the night wears on, you forget about the music you love and accept what is offered.  Even though your music is still available just few feet away, you don’t make the effort to get it back.  This goes on for years…..what a waste.

Go find the music you love and dance a little this weekend.  Then do the same with your life.




Love Creation 


If you really want to create, then create something you love.

The Dogs of 30A is a project of love from two very talented women.  Five months ago, they could have said, “It won't work, nobody will buy this book,” but they didn't.  They said, "We're doing this, and if we do our very best, people will support us."  Now, after 40,000 pictures, many late nights of editing, and countless days of design, their 200-page work-of-art is headed to the printer.

What love creation will you unveil to the world five months from now?

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