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My Mojo


Webster defines one's mojo as their magic charm or special power.  When you have it: things are easy, all the world loves you, and you can do no wrong.

But it doesn't last.

You are now in your mid-forties and things aren’t easy anymore, the applause is gone, you start whining, bitching and blaming. You're like an aging baseball player in a slump without a hit at the last twenty at-bats. The next step is the fabrication of a false reality: "I'm doing great, just need a little downtime." or  "I'm working on something big, really big." or my favorite "I just don’t have any time for myself between my kids and my parents.”

I’ve said all those things, and it was nothing but a friggin’ excuse.

You want your mojo back? Stop fooling around with old desires.

Align your CURRENT desires with your CURRENT activities and your special powers will return like a homerun in the bottom of the ninth.

Every Day A Holiday (for those with their mojo.)