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Plan it or Waste it

Plan your day on the night before, so you can hit the ground running ~ Jack Canfield

(Otherwise, you get up and wander around the house scratching yourself in your underwear ~ Kingfish)

If I didn't have a few systems in place to keep me focused, I would squander most of my day.  As much fun as that sounds, the results suck.

Stop wasting time on things that don't matter.  I'm serious here!

How much time do you fritter away doing things that have absolutlely NOTHING to do with your goals?  Interested in that number? Keep track of everything you do for the next 48 hours and most of you will be shocked. 

Success depends on doing the things you should be doing to get the things you say you want.  Very few of us are so disciplined that we don't need some sort of focus system.  Find something that works for you.

Great ideas still in your head. (Yawn) Great ideas delivered to the world. (Extraordinary) 

Time is precious, embrace it deliberately. 



Did you get it done?

You’ve picked your One Thing for 2011 and it's now time to take a step.

Clear out a space in the office, do internet research, make one phone call, order a book online, go to the library, go meet someone who’s already doing it, tell someone about it, order that piece of equipment, join a group, apply for a loan, sign up for classes. 

Take a step. Just one step. TODAY.  

You have 362 days left this year.


The Maybe Game 


At a local beach bar the other night, I watched a guy, who looked like Ron Howard, trying to talk to a Victoria Secret model wannabe.  As a causal observer, I’m thinking not a chance in hell, pal. However, he wouldn’t give up, continued buying drinks and working his strategy.  This guy had more stories than Mother Goose-and funny ones at that. Hell, I was thinking about going home with him!  She was playing the “I will just hang around and let you buy me drinks until Prince Charming shows up” game, which I like to call the “Maybe” game.

I was impressed with his tenacity, but to this spectator he was fighting a lost cause.  No way this guy is going home with a 9.9. No way, I kept thinking.

However on this night old Ron had a plan.  He was focused, she was scattered, he was driven, she couldn’t care less, he knew what he wanted, and all she knew was what she didn’t want.  As I exited a short while later, the laugher I heard from her seemed real. I guess the rules of success can work anywhere.

Maybe, just maybe, this dumb looking guy was not so dumb after all.