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30 Years



This story gets repeated every day all across America.  You’ve invested thirty years of your life and without any warning whatsoever, the bastards lay you off.  The trauma and drama involves rage, anger, fear, hurt, sadness, and the list goes on, not to mention how one’s identity is tied to a job.  The little voice in your head is alive and kicking with questions:  What will the guys at the club think of me? How will my family handle it? Can I get another job at my age?   Should I sue?  Can I just tell everyone I quit?  Who am I without that job?

The proverbial fork in the road is here.  You can go home and get into a Jim Bakker fetal position for a couple of months, then get fat on Cheetos while watching afternoon soap operas. Or, you can decide what you want, reinvent yourself and live an extraordinary life.

The sheet of paper is blank.  You always thought about doing something different but the risk seemed too great. The job was just too good to give up.  Well, to paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King: 

Free at last, free at last, Thank God almighty, you are free at last!!!!!

Now, go find your way and finish strong.